25 October 2014 - New Hijry year of 1436

With a New Year, it’s time to turn over a new leaf:  time for a new beginning with renewed intentions.

The new Islamic year begins with the blessed month of Muharram. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said: “The best of fasts besides the month of Ramadhan is the fasting of Allah’s month of Muharram.” (Sahih Muslim)

May the New Year bring much joy, peace and serenity to our hearts. May Allah (swt) bring ease, openings and success to all those who have been afflicted with hardships and trials. Over and above all, may we live each day, every moment in by getting closer to Allah (swt) and our beloved Prophet (PBUH).     


Islamic Council Of Victoria

Friday Sermon [Jumma]

Because of Daylight Savings Time  (DST), from Friday 11 October, 2014 until Friday 3 April 2015 the two khutbahs will commence at 1pm and 2pm respectively (starting) with the call to prayer (azzan).  Each sermon tends to be about 30 minutes. 

For those arriving after the start of the salaat (prayer), we ask you to please go to the top floor so that you will not prevent your fellow Muslims from leaving after the conclusion of their prayers.


Continue here to find out more about Friday prayers at the ICV

Mosque Open Day

Poster for Mosque Open Day

The Werribee Islamic Centre is running a national Mosque open day to bring the community together and breakdown misconceptions and misunderstandings of Islam. 

Date: Saturday, October 25 2014
Time: 10-4pm
Venue: Werribee Islamic Centre, 143 Hogans Rd, Hoppers Crossing


Islamophobia Register

Amid the current political debate about national security, we have been hearing about a recent surge in incidents of Islamophobia.

(The) 'Islamophobia Register Australia has been launched to help capture all incidents of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiments in Australia.  The register classifies Islamophobia incidents into the following groups:

  1.  Assaults or attacks on persons of Muslim background  
  2. Attacks on Muslim property or institutions  
  3. Verbal abuse and hate speech/social media abuse  
  4. Unwarranted harassment or interrogation at airports by authorities      
  5. Any form of discrimination in a public or private environment

ICV's AGM for 2014

The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday 12th October 2014 and elected a new Executive Committee for the next 2 year period.

The AGM attracted a record attendance of member societies, who were presented a report from the outgoing executive team: President’s Report, Treasurer’s Report and General Manager’s Report.

Outgoing president Nadeem Hussain thanked his outgoing team for the time they served together: Mohamad Tabiaat (VP), Ghaith Krayem (Secretary), Eugenia Flynn (Treasurer) and board members Almir Colan, Osama Saad and Ecehan Gulbayrak.

A total of 14 candidates ran for elections:

  • President:  Ghaith Krayem and Adel Salman
  • Vice President: Osama Saad and Bayram Aktepe
  • Secretary:  Seyfi Seyit, Mohammad Helmy and Faiza Rehman
  • Treasurer:  Aslam Kazi and Mohamed Mohideen
  • Executive Member: Almir Colan, Nadeem Hussain, Mohamed Elrafihi, Khalid Mohamed and Ali Yusuf Ahmad

Upon a close voting, the following candidates were successfully elected:

  • President:  Ghaith Krayem
  • Vice President: Bayram Aktepe
  • Secretary:  Seyfi Seyit
  • Treasurer:  Mohamed Mohideen
  • Executive Members: Nadeem Hussain and Mohamed Elrafihi

from left to right: Seyfi Seyit, Mohamed Elrafihi, Bayram Aktepe, Ghaith Krayem, Nadeem Hussain, Mohamed Mohideen
from left to right: Seyfi Seyit, Mohamed Elrafihi, Bayram Aktepe, Ghaith Krayem, Nadeem Hussain, Mohamed Mohideen

Ghaith Krayem, President-elect thanked everyone for their support and attendance and will looks forward to leading the ICV in the next 2 years. He will outline his strategies, priorities and road-map moving forward in good time.

Two more members to the Executive Committee are still to be appointed, making it a total of 8 members.

Congratulations to all the elected representatives and commiserations to the other candidates. The ICV looks forward to everyone’s continued involvement in some capacity.

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