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Friday Sermon [Jumma]

The two khutbahs will commence at 1pm and 2pm respectively (starting) with the call to prayer (azzan).  Each sermon tends to be about 30 minutes. 

For those arriving after the start of the salaat (prayer), we ask you to please go to the top floor so that you will not prevent your fellow Muslims from leaving after the conclusion of their prayers.


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Women's Morning Tea to support the Muslim community

15 October, 2014

Women's Morning Tea to support the Muslim Community

Fawkner Community House hosted more than 150 women on Wednesday, October 15 as they united for a show of solidarity with the Muslim community. 

In the wake of racial tensions against the Australian Muslim community, Muslim women are coming forward to voice their concerns about their fears of being attacked in public. Together with local leaders and police, Fawkner Community House hosted a morning tea for women of all cultures and faiths to explore what can be done to better support women from the local Muslim community.

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The Lost Kingdom of Al Andalus


You are invited to Islamic Legacy's final instalment in the series covering the history of Islamic Spain, using video clips, 3D modelling and animated maps.

The presentation will feature in-depth analysis of historical events to draw lessons relevant to present times.

Date: Sunday, November 23 2014
Time: 10.15-5.30pm
Venue: Melbourne Convention Centre, 1 Convention Pl, Melbourne

What to do if you are abused or assaulted due to your race or religion?

*Now Available in PDF Format*  - View on the Web - or - Suitable for Print

In Victoria it is against the law to physically assault or threaten to assault someone.

It is also against the law in Victoria to yell, scream or hurt someone because of the colour of their skin or their religion.  For instance because a woman is wearing a hijab.   

Islamophobic assaults are racial vilification and are against the law.

If you experience an assault seek support as soon as possible from friends, shopkeepers, or anyone nearby.   

Try and collect any photos, names and contact numbers of witnesses or people who helped you.  Write them in your phone.  

Report to Police

Any incidents should be reported immediately to Triple Zero (000)

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Donations and Friday Collections

After Friday prayers, donations are collected to assist in the running and maintenance of our mosque.


How to make your donation

We need your zakat for local distribution

The Islamic Council of Victoria has been collecting Zakat for the past 2 years for local distribution. We are experiencing an ever growing need...

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