Responding to Islamophobia Research

  Dulwich Centre Foundation in partnership with the ICV – Islamic Council of Victoria are conducting an important project with university students on Islamophobia.   This project will enable Muslim students from across Universities in Melbourne to share their experiences and responses to all forms of Islamophobia so as to create a resource to assist other students. It consists of two parts:
  • Part One – Sharing stories between Muslim students
In this part of the project Muslim students will have a chance to speak together about the ways they are trying to respond to Islamophobia when they face it and how they try to support each other in these situations. With permission, these stories and ideas will be turned into a draft collective document. No names will be used and all contributors will be able to give feedback on the draft before it is finalised. Once it is finalised, this document will be shared with students of other universities. The aim is to provide ideas, support, care and inspiration between Muslim students. This document will also be shared with non-Muslim students in Part Two.  
  • Part Two – Sharing stories with and between non-Muslim students
The Muslim students involved in Part One will be asked about any non-Muslim students/friends whom they know also care about Islamophobia and other forms of hostility. These non-Muslims will make up a second group. The collective document from Part One will be shared with this second non-Muslim group. This second group will then be invited to share their stories of how they are trying to prevent Islamophobia and/or other forms of hostility. These stories will be turned into a second collective document which will then be used to encourage others – Muslim and non-Muslim.
  • We seek a total of 24 students across all universities, with 18 being Muslim and 6 non-Muslim, between the ages of 18 to 24, with a 50/50 gender balance.
  • There will be 4 groups of 6 interviewees each with two 90-minutes sessions, and will be strictly confidential and anonymous.
  • Interviews will take place between mid-to-late June at the ICV Spencer St HQ.
  This project will be organised by Dulwich Centre Foundation and facilitated by Dr Mehmet Dinc. For more information about Dulwich Centre Foundation see: Information about previous projects can be found here:  

The resource created from this project will be shared internationally in various places where other Muslims having experienced Islamophobia.

Please express your interest to participate: by 31st May 2019


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