Eid Fitr 2021 Announcement

Jummah Prayer - City Mosque

4 sessions conducted indoors each Friday with a maximum capacity of 150 per session as per the directions of the Victorian State Government. Click here to register.  Registration opens every Mondays.

  • 11.45pm
  • 12.30pm
  • 1.15pm
  • 2.00pm

* Sisters section available*  

Covid Safe requirements to attend Juma’ at the City Mosque

 – Upon arrival all visitors must provide their name and number, which can be done by scanning the at the front entry with your mobile or manually via a log-book which the COVID Safety officer will be responsible for.

– Worshippers must not be sick or show any signs of 𝐶𝑂𝑉𝐼𝐷-19 symptoms. This includes if you are awaiting on COVID-19 test results, been asked to Quarantine or self-isolate or a close contact of COVID-19 case in the last 14 days.

– Jummah Prayers including the Khutbah to be Shortened to 15 minutes maximum.

– 30-minute gap between congregations to clean and clear between them.

– You must wear mask, bring prayer mat and wear socks.  

– Please perform wudu at home and amenities are not available.

– Respect and adhere to the directions of the COVID Safety Officer and volunteers on-site

Stories Beyond COVID: A Celebration of Life digital festival

The ICV would like to present the ‘Stories Beyond COVID – A Celebration of Life’ digital festival on the 24th – 28th of May 2021. This will be an opportunity for diverse communities across Victoria to share their experiences during the time of COVID-19. We are welcoming submissions to share your story. For more info or to submit your videos, please click here

List of Eid Prayers in Victoria

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City Mosque Eid Fitr Prayers


For other locations for Eid Prayers please see the link https://www.icv.org.au/eid-fitr-prayers-in-victoria-2021

ICV City Mosque Now Open

ICV Handbook Caring for Muslim Patients

Click here to get a copy of the handbook

COVID-19 Information Portal

The ICV has prepared a series of COVID-19 Information Resource. Please click here.

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