Stories beyond COVID: A Celebration of Life

Stories beyond COVID: A Celebration of Life   Overview The ‘Stories Beyond COVID: A celebration of life’ is a Festival organised by the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV), to allow diverse communities across Victoria to share their experiences during the time of COVID-19. Through times of hardship, the community have stood in solidarity, and people…

The ICV officially launched its Islamophobia Position Statement today. The position statement is a key piece of advocacy and peer-reviewed research which the ICV believes will play a significant role in shining a spotlight on the scourge of Islamophobia and more importantly on how to address it. As a Muslim community organisation, the ICV understands its responsibility to denounce Islamophobia, empower and support Muslims, engage the wider Australian community and promote understanding and acceptance.

ICV Vice-President and policy and research portfolio holder, Adel Salman said “The launch of the ICV’s Islamophobia Position Statement is indeed a milestone and could not have been achieved without the sincere efforts and expertise of many people in the ICV and from across our partner organisations and network of friends. But the work does not stop here, Islamophobia is real and its impacts are devastating. The ICV commits to continuing this important work on behalf of the Muslim community as we expand and improve the Islamophobia Support Platform and leverage this comprehensive and far-reaching Position Statement to spearhead our ongoing advocacy work. The ICV would like to thank the Victorian Government for its valuable support, and would like to acknowledge the statements of support and endorsement that we have received from many key stakeholders including the Victorian Government, VMC, AHRC, VEOHRC, Islamophobia Register, and the Greens”

The statement was presented to the Hon. Minister of Multicultural Affairs, Ros Spence who acknowledged the growing issue of Islamophobia and congratulated the ICV on all of their hard work in the space. Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Chin Tan was also present at the launch and added his endorsement by saying “I applaud and welcome ICV’s development of its Islamophobia Position Statement. Islamophobia is a pressing challenge for Muslim communities and for all Australians. ICV’s Islamophobia Position Statement represents an important starting point for discussions around this challenge and will make a key contribution in our collective mission to combat Islamophobia. Thank you ICV. This is not only a document for Victoria but for all Australia. We will study it carefully and it will comprise an important contribution to our approach to Islamophobia in Australia.”


To read the position statement: Please click here

To read the list of endorsements: Please click here


The position statement is part of a suite of work in the reducing racism space which includes the Islamophobia Support Platform which has been designed to support anyone that has been impacted by Islamophobia. To find out more you can visit the platform page here:

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